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We're incredibly proud to say that our truly unique Circus Wagon is now complete, and we're inviting viewings...

It is our belief at Penn Meadow farm that we have built one of the most unique and luxurious living spaces in Great Britain, if not the world. Although this is the first project together for old school friends Philip Reed and Frankie Lord, you can rest assured that The Circus Wagon Project has been completed to the absolute highest of standards with, incredible attention to detail.


The circus wagon began life as a National Westminister banking trailer, where it likely toured the UK helping to set up bank acounts in smaller towns, villages and hard to reach places. 

It was then auqired by 'Jolly's Circus' who undertook a few minor alterations to provide living quarters for Jolly's travelling circus (who are still in operation today)
Penn Meadow farm ended up with two of these identical 'Circus Wagon's' both in dire need of some tlc and attention. 
The first of the two wagons was taken on by Frankie Lord and his partner Olivia Dann, and the entire build process was followed by George Clarke's amazing spaces. 

The work on the second of the wagons (believed to be the only two in existence) has been carried out by Frankie Lord and his oldest school Philip Reed.
Although the design in each of the wagons are similar, it is safe to say the boys have really honed in their craft and made some awe inspiring changes.  


Arguably the most stunning feature of our gorgeous, Circus Wagon, is the resin and teak lattice parquet flooring. 
It is our belief that the combination of epoxy resin and hardwood, and the technique used to seemingly effortlessly tie them together, is the first time ever to have been executed in this method. 

We're incredibly proud of this truly stunning floor. You can spend hours just trying to pick your favourite tile, each time you believe you've picked your favourite, you see another even more beautiful. 


There is surely few better feelings than unwinding at the end of a long day with a soak in a nice hot bath, perhaps even with a large glass of red. Our hidden bathtub means that you can do just that, situated perfectly to be able to enjoy the view from the large front window.


"An absolute show stopper!" - George Clarke, George Clarke's amazing spaces


When George Clarke suggested to repurpose this chair into a toilet throne, im not sure he believed his wishes would come true, let alone it be sprayed gold. A throne truly fit for a king!


Homemade shower head from up-cycled intricate brass bowl.


Although, the last thing you should really want to do whilst on the perfect luxury escape is watch TV, there is no denying that cosying up in the SUPER king sized bed with a great movie could just possibly be the perfect way to finish off the day.


The smart tv is the ideal way to keep connected with all the creature comforts we've come to depend on, Netflix, Disney Plus, Youtube...


We love our Belfast sink, with hand crafted scottish elm sink cover. Hints and splashes of the same resin that helped to create the stunning floor, tie the kitchen in with the rest of the Wagon exquisitely.


We hope that you love the circus wagon just as much as we do. It truly has been a joy to build and were incredibly happy to be able to present forward to the world what it is we feel we have achieved. 

We're very happy to answer any questions on the wagon and welcome all enquiries. 

Phone: 07885844177 


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